Rhett Johnson



Bespoke Sculpture


To understand the work of Rhett Johnson is to explore a world of contrasts and contradictions.

It is a mind reflected in artwork that is old yet new, evocative and nostalgic; unique but commonplace.  It is wistful and romantic, mysterious yet familiar, whimsical and menacing, haunting but exuberant. Found and fabricated, it is kinetic and static, industrial but organic, retro and modern. It resists being boxed in. Call it what you may but, it is always engaging, enchanting, and thought provoking.




What others have said…

Modern Architectural Creations

“Rhett’s art is to me much the same as the poetry I most love. He takes the ordinary, the everyday of life and lifts the visual language to a thing of beauty and wonderment”

Bill Hankins, photojournalist


Rhett Johnson




“Rhett is a monumentally talented sculptor who works with such found objects as old cobalt-blue bottles, engine parts, and iron he shapes and leaves outside to rust.  His garden art features graceful birds landing on arches and stakes”

Katie van Luchene, “Insider’s Guide to Kansas City”